San Francisco, Quebec Fashion Creators

When San Francisco opened its first boutique in 1978, the brand’s mission was to create new styles, inspired by European designers, but adapted to the very free and independent North-American lifestyle. It wasn’t long before women adopted this elegant, trendy, and unfettered style.

In 2004, the San Francisco boutique network joined Groupe Marie Claire, a family business dedicated to fashion. While the boutiques kept their unique personality, they found the opportunity to expand and constantly renew their styles by joining the group. Today, there are 39 San Francisco boutiques throughout Quebec and one online boutique at

“Made in Quebec”: A Crazy Bet in the Ready-to-Wear Industry

All San Francisco clothes and accessories are designed in Montreal by a team of designers who are passionate about new trends and innovation. However, our efforts to remain local don’t stop there: a third of our clothes are made right here in Quebec, with tremendous expertise and pride! San Francisco offers a wide variety of trends, but it is also an environmentally responsible choice.

All About Glamour With Mahée Paiement

In 2016, San Francisco introduced the Mahée Collection. The line is presented twice a year, and just like the star, it is elegant, charming, and sophisticated. Glamour has never felt so wonderful!